THEL Castello Sforzesco has a twin. Japanese. Which does not resemble him in architecture, but which made history (dates back to the 16th century shogunate), is linked to a green lung and is an urban icon, just like the Milanese manor. It is the magnificent Osaka Castle. The kinship is official, a letter of intent was signed in Milan by a Japanese delegation, by the Consul General Amamiya and by the city authorities. Great party, drum roll (Taigo and Kagami Biraki) and aperitif with excellent sake and cheeses (local). Even elegant kimonos in sight.

    Four Japanese seasons

    To get to know the new “brother” more closely, until October 17 you can admire it in the photo exhibition “The four seasons of Osaka Castle” from Tonoshiro Hiroshiwith free admission, in the Rocchetta courtyard of the Castello Sforzesco. A spectacle of nature and architecture that reveals the many faces of the fortification in the changing light, from cherry blossom to autumn foliage.

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    Party at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan for the twinning with the Osaka Castle. The opening of the sake barrel.

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    The “monumental” partnership is no coincidence, it is the culmination of an already well-tested relationship: Milan has been the sister city of Osaka for forty years, nearly three million inhabitants in the Kansai region, Honshu Island. The two metropolises, they indeed resemble each other: very dynamic, rich in planning and contemporary beauty. Their exchanges are continuous (on and off line) and fruitful, from the economy to cultural life. Because Osaka is futuristic skyscrapers and Kabuki theater togethernightlife and street food, irresistible shopping and in 2025 it will host the Expo… And it is also the “capital” of Japanese comedy. Definitely worth a visit, indeed, regular visits. Like the best relatives.


    The Milan-Osaka article, castles become twins seems to be the first on iO Donna.