Milan, Ibra also meets Cardinale: plans and projects for the future

After returning to Milanello “as a fan” and the talks with Pioli and Furlani, the Swede also sees the owner of RedBird. At the moment it is an informal chat

When he met Pioli yesterday, jokingly but not too much, he asked him to include him in the squad. An impracticality that doesn’t seem like a big problem: after all, Ibra solves them even when he’s off the pitch. Seeing Zlatan again at Milanello was like meeting an old friend again for the Rossoneri world. Who in reality has never left because, for some time now, he has lived in Milan, he has various entrepreneurial affairs in Milan and he has moved his entire family to Milan. Including his children – one plays for the AC Milan Under 16 team – that is, what was the biggest problem for him until some time ago: Maximilian and Vincent in Stockholm, an emotionally difficult distance.

mutual liking

However, Ibra moving closer to Milan is newsworthy. Partly because he reappeared on the Rossoneri’s radar right after his collapse in the derby and partly because the feeling – clear – is that the Devil continues to have an unfinished business with him. Which hasn’t closed yet. Yesterday he saw him at Milanello next to Pioli and in conversation with the CEO. Furlani made quite an impact. The same happened when news spread this morning of a meeting with Gerry Cardinale in a Milanese hotel. What’s cooking? Premise in clear terms: RedBird’s number one did not put a contract proposal under Z’s nose. We are certainly not at this point and there is absolutely no guarantee that we will get there. From what we understand, it was an informal and informative chat. Let’s say to break the ice, smell each other a bit and understand if there is mutual satisfaction. Above all, to understand if there might be room for maneuver in the future to set up a collaboration. The Rossoneri door therefore remains open, something that president Scaroni had already made clear without mincing words. The ball seems to be more in the feet of Zlatan, who has taken a handful of sabbatical months and now, apparently, is starting to feel ready to return to the world of football. Of course, if the dialogue with Milan continued, it would be necessary to understand in what role. It would seem to be excluded at management level, at least at the top levels. But right now it is too early to make these projections. The first thing to understand in the near future is whether the dialogue with the club will have further chapters. But in the meantime Ibra will attend Milan-Newcastle alongside Furlani…