Milan: for Pioli now is the time for concreteness: the Gazzetta’s analysis

In the last two months the Rossoneri have lost stability and certainties: they must find them again to secure fourth place. Pioli’s current team is better than the Scudetto team, but then….

A defender would be useful, of course. And also a center forward. But the most important purchase for Milan today would be a bit of stability. What happened in the last two months was unforeseeable and paints a uglier picture than reality, provided you know how to frame it in the right way. On 8 October, at the end of the seventh round, Milan were leading with 21 points: two more than Inter, four more than Juve and Fiorentina. Six days later, Pioli is four points behind Allegri and six points behind Inzaghi and in this segment of Serie A he has also done worse than Roma, Bologna, Naples, Lazio and Turin. So what is the true face of Milan? The cheeky one at the start of the championship, only fouled in the derby? Or the resigned one in October and November? While waiting to understand this, and to strengthen the squad in January, Pioli must restore certainties to the team.