Mikko and Kristiina Kekäläinen celebrate their 20th anniversary – They relive their first meeting

Mikko and Kristiina Kekäläinen remember each other in a touching way with their social media.

Journalist couple Mikko and Kristiina Kekäläinen have been together for 20 years and married since 2008. They have two children: Intake and Martha.

The couple reflects on their journey together on their own Instagram accounts. Mikko thinks about what their relationship has been like over the years.

– Without seeing the picture, Kristiina did not agree to the first date organized by our friends on December 5, 2003. Everything has happened very quickly since then. There hasn’t been a dull moment, the editor says in his publication.

– They say that you have to work for a long relationship. However, this has not felt like a work site, rather like a game. We haven’t always agreed on everything, but always on the same side, he adds.

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Kristiina has similarly published pictures of them over the years and shares her own view of the couple’s first meeting.

– I am absolutely sure that on Friday 5.12. from the beginning of the evening I sat in my friend’s car, in the (literally) place of a scared person, and I stared in panic at a cold man in a black leather jacket on the other side of the road: Mikko, Kristiina recalls in her post.

– At the time, I didn’t know much about him other than that our mutual friends thought we would be a perfect couple. Huh! We had agreed to go on a blind date in Amarillo, Joensuu. We think it was a blind date, although according to Miko, we had talked about a date on the phone once before: “Or you talked, I listened,” he continues.

Kristiina reflected that their meeting was an insane coincidence.

– When it was perfectly possible to decide otherwise. But it’s not decided. Luckily we went, luckily we met, luckily it happened this way, he concludes.

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