Michael Vijverberg was proudly presented last summer as the new trainer of the SEW handball players. The only 26-year-old Vijverberg has never worked as a head coach. In Nibbixwoud he was immediately thrown to the lions, but club and trainer are so satisfied that the contract has already been extended by two years.

    Michael Vijverberg directs his players – Gerard Spanje / Orange Pictures

    While the extension came out of the blue for the outside world, the news was less surprising for Vijverberg. “I had agreed with the club to evaluate after six months. During the conversation we came to the conclusion that we want to take longer to achieve our goals. We want to get even more out of each other’s hours. Also behind the scenes” , says Vijverberg.

    ”I’m in a good place and I like it even more than I actually expected in advance”

    SEW trainer Michael Vijverberg

    Vijverberg is having a great time in Nibbixwoud, while he hadn’t quite expected it. “I’m in the right place and I like it even more than I actually hoped. It’s my first job as head coach, so you never know in advance whether this job suits you. I now feel a lot of confidence from staff and board. I am very happy that I have five years to put something down.”

    32 hours a week

    With the signing of a new contract, Vijverberg is now employed by SEW for 32 hours a week. According to the trainer, this is necessary to professionalize the club. “There are enough financial resources within the club. It is now important that these are converted into performance on the field. We are working hard to expand our offer to the girls. Think of professionalizing strength and eating schedules. We want guide the players more personally.”

    ”We take the time to slowly build up the club”

    SEW trainer Michael Vijverberg

    Vijverberg is therefore entering into an ambitious plan at SEW. He does not dare to say whether the club will also have to participate in the title fight within a few years. “A title is always welcome, but we don’t want to accelerate everything. We take the time to slowly build up the club. That’s why we’ve set aside a longer period. Then we’ll see what’s coming.”

    SEW started training again today. The handball players will resume the premier league on Saturday. SEW then visits Quick from Raalte.

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