Michael Schumacher’s condition was cruelly joked on TV – Ravi ripped

Reporter Antonio Lobato’s joke did not sink in with the viewers.

Spanish F1 reporter Antonio Lobato has received backlash after joking Michael Schumacher repair on live TV.

Spanish magazine Mundo Deportivo according to Lobato was discussing the Red Bull team with his colleagues on the DAZN channel when the heated situation happened.

One of Red Bull’s engineers appeared on the studio screen and Lobato made a joke in which he suggested that he himself would achieve as many F1 titles as the engineer.

Other experts burst out laughing and urged Red Bull’s people to be careful.

Adrian Newey (the team’s technical director) must be shaking with terror. Antonio Lobato is coming! Toni Cuqure heck.

Then followed a tasteless answer, which aroused fury among the viewers of the broadcast.

– Michael Schumacher is shaking. Oh well, he can’t shake, Lobato roared.

The Spanish journalist has been demanded to be fired for his ill-considered comment. He had to shoot an apology video for social media.

Lobato admitted that he expressed himself awkwardly.

– I didn’t want to joke and laugh at Schumacher. Those who know me know I would never do that, he vowed.

It will be exactly ten years since Schumacher’s skiing accident in December.

Michael Schumacher was the target of a prank. PDO