MIA. share new track for Playmobil World

Another five new songs are to be released in this context. Find out more here.

In March 2020, the Berlin band MIA released. their still current album LIMBO. Now, after a long break, the group is releasing new music again – namely the theme song for the Playmobil series: “Horses of Waterfall”. It is currently unknown whether further original tracks or an entire album will follow. Further releases have only been announced in the Playmobil collaboration.

The newly launched toy world from Playmobil is about the five horse friends Amelia, Isabella, Zoe, Ellie and Ben, who are now accompanied by the melody of MIA on their adventures together. to be accompanied.

MIA. and the toy company want to use this joint campaign to convey essential values ​​such as diversity and acceptance to all people even more. Frontwoman Mieze Katz sings in the newly released piece: “You are good as you are” and also “You are never alone”.

The Horses of Waterfall game world will be available from September 22nd.

The theme song from MIA. listen here:

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In November, a short film from Playmobil will follow on YouTube, in which five more songs from MIA. will be there. These were tailored by the band to the “Horses of Waterfall” world and its characters. Mieze Katz will not sing the five tracks, but rather the five teenagers cast for them. You can find out more about “Horses of Waterfall”. here.