Metre-high flames at car scrapyard fire in Vijfhuizen, smoke billows over the A9

A major fire is currently raging on an industrial estate on Achterasweg in Vijfhuizen. The immediate area has been cordoned off due to smoke nuisance. Traffic on the A9 motorway can also be affected by the smoke. The fire brigade has sent a NL alert.

Brand Vijfhuizen – Photo: Inter Visual Studio / Koen de Boer

According to a spokesperson for the safety region who is on site, it is probably a car scrap yard. “There are several of them on this site,” he tells NH. Photos of the fire show flames shooting out of the roof and enormous clouds of smoke.

The fire is not out yet, the spokesperson suspects. “I cannot yet say whether there is a chance that the fire will spread.” The fire brigade asks bystanders to stay away so that emergency services can do their work.


Rijkswaterstaat advises motorists who drive on the A9 at hectometer marker 42.0 to set the ventilation in their car to recirculation. The fire brigade advises local residents to close windows and doors and switch off ventilation.

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Schiphol is also keeping a close eye on the fire, a spokesperson said. “The Polderbaan is close, but things are going well at the moment. If the wind direction changes, things could be different.”

It was already the end of 2021 fire on the premises. Then the Polderbaan closed. The airport has one of hers crash tenders loaned out to fight the fire.

Cloud of smoke moves over the A9 – Photo: Inter Visual Studio