Metin Öztürk: It is our habit to gain country points

Metin Öztürk made a statement to the press at Istanbul Airport before the yellow-red team departed for Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Stating that they will face an important team, Öztürk said, “They are a team on par with the Champions League with their tempo of play. They became champions in their own league last year. They are also leaders in their own league. It looks like they will be champions this year too. Their average age is 25. They are a well-established club like us. They are celebrating their 130th anniversary.” “It will be a difficult match. Galatasaray has achieved great success not only in Turkey but also in Europe. We have the advantages on paper. We trust our coach Okan and our team. Afterwards, we will continue our path to the championship with the Antalyaspor match.” he said.


Stating that their only focus right now is the Sparta Prague match, Metin Öztürk said:

“We want to go step by step. We want to return home by winning. It is our habit to gain national points. In the last 20-25 years, our rivals have had the opportunity to represent Turkey in Europe with the points we have earned. The same thing will happen this year. Our rivals will be in Europe with the points we have earned. will provide an advantage.”