Meta Platforms share: What analysts expect from Facebook parent Meta

Last month, some analysts focused on Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) shares.

In January 2024, 11 experts analyzed the Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) share.

11 experts rate the Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) share as a buy.

The average price target is set at $417.91, while the current Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) NDB share price is $390.85.

The 6-month rating trend is Buy.

AnalystPrice targetDistance price targetDate
RBC Capital Markets$400.002.34January 29, 2024
Jefferies & Company Inc.$455.0016.41January 29, 2024
RBC Capital Markets$400.002.3401/11/2024
Jefferies & Company Inc.$425.008.74January 8, 2024
Bernstein Research$375.00-4.0601/03/2024

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