Messi president? Almost half of Argentines would vote for him

A survey revealed that Lionel Messithe captain who led the National Team to victory in the Qatar World Cup, would be the one chosen by almost half of the Argentines in an eventual election for President. According to the report made by Giacobbe, 43.7% of those consulted would choose the Argentine star to occupy Rivadavia’s chair. 37.8% responded that they would not choose it; while 17.5% said “maybe” yes.

The survey carried out among more than 2,500 Argentines also revealed that the feeling instilled in them by “La Pulga” is mainly “happiness” Y “admiration”.

It happens that the World Champions, in particular the team captain, became the main responsible for the excellent citizen humor, above any representative of politics, even those of the opposition. And the refusal to celebrate from the balcony of the Pink House, to prevent politics from getting in the way (according to some members of the squad) was something that many praised, moving away from the crack and depriving the Government of the possibility of politically capitalizing on the sporting achievement. And this was reflected in the fact that 8 out of 10 respondents said that they were right not to go to La Rosada.

When, from the consultancy, he also confronted Messi against that of the main referents of the political forces: 36.7% of those surveyed chose to vote for “La Pulga” rather than Javier Milei (12.0%), Cristina Kirchner (11.3%) either Patricia Bullrich (8.8%).

However, when asking which of the National Team players is the main political referent, those surveyed anointed Angel Di Maria (97.4%), above Messi (96.7%), followed by the coach of the albiceleste, Lionel Scaloni (96%); Julián Álvarez (95.8%); Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez (92.4%); Y Rodrigo DePaul (85.1%).

by RN

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