Messi has announced his new team! Here is the surprise address of the Argentine star

Argentine star Lionel Messi’s new team has been announced. The superstar, who left PSG, made his way to Inter Miami, one of the MLS teams.

Inter Miami club announced the transfer with its social media account. This post received a lot of interaction.

Lionel Messi, who spent 2 years in PSG, which he signed after Barcelona, ​​played 75 matches for the French team in this process. The Argentine star scored 32 goals and made 34 assists in these matches.


By transferring to Inter Miami, Messi turned down the astronomical offer from Al Hilal.


I will not go back to Barcelona. I’m going to Inter Miami. It was time to head to MLS to experience football in a different way.

I really wanted to return to Barcelona, ​​I was very excited for this, but when I went I did not want to experience what I had experienced before. I didn’t want to put my future in someone else’s hands.

While I had heard being told that LaLiga had accepted everything and everything was fine for me to come back, there was still a lot more to come.

There were other offers from Europe, but the only team I wanted from Europe was Barcelona.

I entered a time when I had to leave myself out and think about my family. The last two years have not been so good for my family. I was afraid that my children would have to stay at the hotel again. I wanted to make my own decision.

I hope one day I can return to Barcelona. I don’t know how, but I love it there. I appreciate people’s attention and would like to return there one day.

It was never about money. If it were money, I would go to Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. We couldn’t talk about the contract with Barcelona. A verbal offer was made and accepted but we did not talk money. They couldn’t give me an official offer.

One day to Barcelona; I want to say goodbye like Alba, Busquets, and Xavi said goodbye.