Merlijn Kamerling under fire after Khalid & Sophie: ‘Daddy the cash cow’

Merlijn Kamerling is under fire for his performance in Khalid & Sophie, in which he announced yet another project about his late father Antonie Kamerling. “He’s using daddy as a cash cow!”


We only know Merlijn Kamerling from one thing: the continuous flow of projects around his father Antonie Kamerling, who took his own life in 2010. Merlijn has written a book about his relationship with his father, ‘Now I see you’, and it has now been turned into a theater performance. The leading role is played by Soy Kroon.

dairy cow

The two were promoting the piece last night in Khalid & Sophie and that has led to a lot of negative reactions on social media. “Twelve years after his death, Antonie Kamerling still turns out to be one cash cow. And Merlin still doesn’t have to work. Also thanks to Khalid & Sophie,” writes star tweeter Mies.

Another notes: “Dad the money cow.”

And Me says: “That shameless milking by the Kamerling family… Do people really never get enough of this and should it be given a stage every time? Get a life and a job!”

“Rachel jealous!”

It is now starting to show Hazes-like traits, says the Frisian twitter lady Lianne. “Rachel is jealous.”

And Miss Annie: “Hazes family the second.”

GJ also finds it doubtful. “I thought exactly the same: they have made films, musicals, books and theater of Antonie. Antonie brings in a lot of money for the Kamerling family and that will continue for a while. Very sad.”

Bob: “I find it so embarrassing.”

Also support

A few also express their support for Merlin. Caroline says: “Well, you can say anything about it, but I do believe that setting an example for people with similar experiences is important to start a process themselves and thus prevent other problems in the long term. It also takes guts.”

Myriam: “Twelve long years of guts.”

Merlin responds

What does Merlin himself think of the criticism? Sophie Hilbrand actually asked him yesterday in Khalid & Sophie: “You made the book, you made a documentary, a performance has now been made of it, you gave lectures about the book. I understand this is the end?”

Merlijn: “For the lectures anyway and in themselves: when I was asked if I would like a performance to be made about this, I didn’t really hesitate for long, because I thought: it is an honor and it is a beautiful way, I think, to tell my story to another audience.”

“But what you say, if you put it like that, I’m like: geez, all those things, it’s time to just do something fun for once. I do too.”


Merlin in Khalid & Sophie: