Merel Westrik made a fatal switch to Talpa in 2019. It seems she received a financial offer she couldn’t refuse. “Did she get so much money because of her bond with Eva Jinek?”

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    It is generally known: a switch to the Talpa of media billionaire John de Mol ends very badly in most cases. And especially if you start working for the ailing Net5. Yet Merel Westrik made that incomprehensible switch in 2019, while she was baked at RTL Nieuws.

    Financial offer

    Rob Goossens thinks that Merel may have received an offer that she could not refuse, and that this has everything to do with her good friend Eva Jinek.

    He begins his story like this The BLVD Podcast: “I think so too, although I don’t know if it really happened that way: Merel and Eva are of course very good friends, they are with the same manager and Talpa really wanted to have Eva Jinek as well.”

    ‘Talpa wanted Eva too’

    That wish has boosted Merel’s market value, Rob thinks. “I can imagine that the price of Merel has gone up because they thought: if we have Merel, it will also be easier to fish in Eva. If you can make certain arrangements…”

    He continues: “With Merel Westrik, for example, her contract stated that she did not also have to do things for SBS 6. When you are offered a very nice sum, you think: well, we are just going to try it.”

    Bad advice

    In any case, Merel’s manager gave very bad advice, says TV connoisseur Tina Nijkamp. “It is important that you are well advised. When I see what happens to some managers… Then I think: how could Merel Westrik have made that step from RTL to Net5? I do not understand that.”

    She continues: “I don’t understand why as a manager you don’t say: ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it! Look at Rik, he was there in the spring and was very unhappy.’ He was suddenly presenting Golden Rings, while he really didn’t want to! Arie Boomsma also failed. Yes, who doesn’t?! Then I think: don’t do it.”

    Flop manager

    According to Tina, TV stars can take enormous damage from such a flop manager. “If a manager like that says: ‘Good chance’, then I think…”

    She continues: “But I do understand how it goes. Linda is then very enthusiastic, there is a talk show and then you say: ‘Yes, but De Tafel van 5 didn’t work out either.’ ‘No, but we’re going to do it very differently!’ I understand how it works, but I think that such a manager should say no. That’s what you have a manager for.”


    Eva and Merel have the giggles:

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