Merel Ek calls Pieter Storms about Breekijzer’s return: ‘Great’

Merel Ek called Pieter Storms about a possible return of his famous program Breekijzer. “I watched the program again and thought it was really cool.”


It is a legendary program that was shown for years on SBS 6: Breekijzer, in which a fierce Pieter Storms stood up for affected people by going after all kinds of companies and organizations. Today Inside expert Victor Vlam has tipped this as a suitable program for Merel Ek and she now appears to be taking it seriously.

‘Fits you’

Wilfred Genee also thinks it is a good idea. He asks her in the column In The Walkways: “Spoke with Pieter Storms, I assume?”

Merel: “Yes, I spoke to him. I called them. I also rewatched the program, Breekijzer, so I’m going to see what that is.”

Wilfred: “It suits you, I think, right?”

‘Very cool’

Yes, Merel answers. “I thought it was really cool to see how he walks into those types of companies or government agencies and seeks redress.”

Wilfred: “A bit of what ANGRY is today. He was way ahead of his time.”

Merel: “Yes, indeed, exactly, but only at larger companies and larger government agencies. That is certainly something that… You know, standing up for people and justice.”

Calling Frans

Wilfred wonders whether Merel has already had contact with the top management of Talpa. “Have you spoken to Frans Klein yet?”

Merel: “No, I haven’t spoken to him yet. Not even tomorrow. No, not even the day after tomorrow.”

Wilfred: “If he is looking, I can call.”

Merel: “Frans can always call.”