Merel Ek (29) is shocked: pregnancy discrimination at VI

Merel Ek (29) is not guaranteed her job at Today Inside if she becomes pregnant, because Johan Derksen does not want to guarantee her place at the bar in that case. “That’s annoying for an editor.”


Given her excessive libido, it is not impossible that Merel Ek will become pregnant sometime in the coming years, if she even wants that and it is given to her. In that case, she must fear for her job at Today Inside, because Johan Derksen completely agrees with the jerky WNL boss Bert Huisjes in that regard. A pregnancy? Highly undesirable!

‘Very annoying’

As a broadcaster, Bert has been guilty of reprehensible pregnancy discrimination and the only prominent person who understands this is – how could it be otherwise – Johan Derksen. “That is very annoying in a small editorial team, especially a novice editorial team,” says the football analyst Today Inside.

Risen, place is gone, according to Johan. “A woman like that is away for six months, then others come along and do well. Then it is difficult to say to those people who are doing well when she comes back: ‘Now you have to leave again, because she is coming.’”

Merel is shocked

Wilfred Genee cannot believe his ears. “As men, it can never happen to us that we can become pregnant. So we’re always in the right place, isn’t that ridiculous?”

Johan: “No, you may find that ridiculous, but I led an organization where that bothered me.”

As a young woman, VI star Merel Ek is shocked that she apparently works for a program where pregnancy is seen as unwanted. “Yes, but Johan, if you want children or you want to survive as humanity, then you just have to get pregnant, right? Then it shouldn’t cost me my job, right?”


Johan reacts resignedly to her shocked reaction. “I know the trick, you know. But of course it is very difficult within a small organization, because that girl is entitled to maternity leave, but then someone else takes her place. The others are doing great, and she’s coming back. And then you have to make a decision.”

Merel is annoyed that Johan reacts so laconically to Bert Huisjes’ misconduct. “It’s not just the few people who speak there. You always say: ‘I think it’s so cowardly when people tell their stories anonymously.’ Well, I understand that now. If you do then on the record does, you will be completely destroyed (points to Johan, ed.).”

‘Eva, don’t be pathetic!’

Johan pukes on the ex-WNL ladies who stand up to Bert. “Your solidarity with pathetic women makes no sense.”

Merel: “They are not pathetic women. Eva Jinek is not a sad woman. Roos Moggré is not a pathetic woman.”

Johan: “No, but look, a man like that wants fresh ladies. He wants hot girls in the picture. And then someone comes back from maternity leave and that person has gained 20 kilos. A lady who is overweight and is in doubt, then they say: ‘We will appoint a nice young girl.’ That’s how it goes. That is a decision that an editor-in-chief makes.”


Johan also causes astonishment on social media: