“No new homes without good infrastructure. The city entrance is therefore about much more than a bicycle tunnel and a new road. It is about the growth and future of Meppel,” says Van Ulzen. The award was also received with joy from the province. The province is helping to pay for the work that will take place next year at the water tower. There the roundabout, a bottleneck, will be tackled. It is, as it were, moved and replaced by a turbo roundabout with a bicycle tunnel underneath. “By investing this money in accessibility, we make housing possible,” responds provincial administrator Hans Kuipers, who is responsible for housing.

    After the summer, the municipality of Meppel will come up with a proposal to adjust the northern city entrance – from the water tower to the center. “In recent years, together with the city council, we have extensively mapped out the conditions under which the city entrance can be tackled. Now it really seems to be happening,” concludes Alderman Van Ulzen.