Men place fireworks bomb at the front door of the house, who recognizes them?

A large hole in the front door and shards of glass throughout the house. The residents of a house on Roodeschoolstraat in Tilburg are fortunate that they were not at home on the evening of December 23. Two men placed a firework bomb against the front door of the house, which led to a huge explosion. The police are still looking for the perpetrators. Camera images were shared in the Bureau Brabant investigation program on Monday evening.

The residents of the house got the fright of their lives the day before Christmas Eve when they received a call from their neighbors. They heard a bang, after which the residents immediately drove back home.

There they found enormous devastation. There was a large hole in the front door. The force of the explosion blew the connecting door of the hall completely off its frame. A microwave was hanging half way out of the built-in. And shards of glass lay for yards throughout the house, all the way to the back door.

There are cameras in several places in the neighborhood that record the perpetrators. The men can be seen running to the house in Roodeschoolstraat and at the moment they flee again. Although the images are not very clear, the police hope that there are people who recognize the men.