A person is brought into an emergency vehicle by the police

    A person is brought into an emergency vehicle by the police Photo: Spreepicture

    By Dirk Böttger and Katharina Metag

    There are unbelievable scenes that took place on Thursday afternoon at the Neukölln S-Bahn station!

    At around 5:30 p.m., several men are said to have forced a 14-year-old to leave the platform with them at knifepoint and a firearm.

    Witnesses who saw the crime alerted the police.

    Armed officers, including members of a Mobile Task Force (MEK), were able to identify and overpower the suspects about 15 minutes later in Körnerpark on Schierker Strasse.

    The 21- and 25-year-old men still had the 14-year-old with them.

    According to initial investigations, one of the kidnappers is said to have called the 14-year-old’s family on the approximately 350-meter-long walk to the park and demanded a large sum of money.

    The police on duty at Körnerpark

    The police were able to quickly stop the men Photo: spreepicture

    The teenager was freed and the men arrested and taken into police custody. According to a police spokeswoman, they were allowed to walk again after identification treatment and a voluntary blood test.

    A specialist commissioner of the State Criminal Police Office is now investigating the background to the crime. According to BZ information, disputes among extended families could be the motive for the kidnapping and the attempted blackmail.


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