Men in Suits is coming back – Meghan isn’t

The popular Pukumiehet series is being spun off with a completely new line-up.

Duchess Meghan has not been invited Suit mento the sequel of the series, reports the Mirror. Series creator By Aaron Korsh there are no plans to write Meghan’s role in the one set in Los Angeles Suits: LA -spin off.

According to information from the Mirror, the sequel will follow the introductions of new characters in the law firm. Suits star Rachael Harris recently discussed the issue with Korsh.

– I heard that Suits LA is being made and I asked when I could get to work. He answered very clearly that none of the previous Pukumies actors will be in the series.

Harris continued that for Meghan, like other original stars, the door may have been left slightly ajar.

– He (Korsh) did not deny the possibility of cameo roles. But he stated that the series will be its own entity.

Duchess Meghan played Rachel Zane in the series. USA Network/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock, AOP

The last production season of the English-titled Suits series aired in 2019. Although Meghan left the series already in 2017, last year it was reported that the duchess might be willing to return to her role as Rachel Zane if the call came again.

Meghan also signed a contract with top Hollywood agency William Morris Endeavor a year ago. The signed contract accelerated the comeback rumors even more.

Source: Mirror