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    The Dutch forward is clear about his sporting situation and could advance his course with a good agreement

    The Blaugrana club will talk to their entourage in the final part of the market but Sol will open the door if there is a transfer

    The Barça coach, Xavi Hernández, already made it clear that he had communicated to the sports area that he did not want changes to the squad. He is comfortable with what he has and, given the impossibility of registering transfers, he has asked that no one leave. That is the road map, but the future of Memphis is up in the air and things could happen in the last days of the market.

    Memphis is already clear about its complicated sporting situation at Barça. He now has had a few minutes, but he understands that when Lewandowski returns from his injury, his ostracism will be practically total. He is the last attacker in the rotations and to this is added the interest of important teams in the Premier to sign him.

    Manchester United, Newcastle, Arsenal and Chelsea have sounded out their environment while waiting for events. In any of these clubs, Memphis is not the first option, but the market it does not offer good options for attackers and could change its situation within about 10 days. The footballer and his environment are silent but a last summit is scheduled in January to analyze his situation and the scenarios are open.

    What Barça is clear about is that now they are not going to give exit facilities like in summer, in which the striker left with the letter of freedom and collecting part of the contract that he had left at the Blaugrana club. In the end there was no agreement with Juventus and he continued at the Camp Nou. Now, Barça will only give in if there is a transfer involved and they save the six months of Memphis’s salary. Everything would depend on the offers since the interested clubs are economically powerful.