Memorial ceremony for Franz Beckenbauer | Read the live ticker

The “Emperor” died last week at the age of 78. A memorial service was held in his honor. You can read the ticker here.

On Friday, a memorial service was held in honor of Franz Beckenbauer at the Allianz Arena in Munich. The “Emperor” died at the age of 78. A “unique setting” was to be created at the funeral service, which was organized by FC Bayern Munich. There were 50,000 people present in the stadium.

The funeral service in the live ticker

4:14 p.m.: The whole stadium applauds the tenor. The Beckenbauer family can be seen. Stephan Lehmann would once again like to thank those present for taking part in the funeral service. He wishes everyone a safe journey home. “The Allianz Arena will shine for them, in the name of Franz Beckenbauer,” said Lehmann.

4:12 p.m.: Now the tenor Kaufmann sings “Nessun dorma” by Puccini. Meanwhile, the camera in the stadium moves over the image of Beckenbauer in the center circle.

4:10 p.m.: It’s quiet in the stadium. Everyone stands and remembers Franz Beckenbauer.

4:08 p.m.: Now comes a prayer from Cardinal Reinhard Marx. “Anyone who dies doesn’t just go away. He goes on with him,” the cardinal says, among other things.

4:05 p.m.: “During his lifetime, I always wished that Franz would receive even more recognition. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out 100 percent,” said Hoeneß: “Rest in peace, a peace that you haven’t been able to enjoy recently,” Hoeneß concludes.

4:02 p.m.: “Franz you helped to give many foreign citizens a different view of our country. The 2006 World Cup impressively demonstrated how open and friendly our country can be,” said Hoeneß, who added: “We have to do that again “We want everyone to be proud of this country again.”

3:59 p.m.: In the meantime, Jogi Löw and Felix Magath are shown, who even have to smile when Hoeneß speaks. Hoeneß emphasizes that Beckenbauer “worked his butt off” to get votes for Germany in the World Cup.

3:57 p.m.: Beckenbauer was endowed with “so many talents”.

3:56 p.m.: As a professional, Beckenbauer was always the last to leave Säbener Strasse, says Hoeneß. According to Hoeneß, Beckenbauer’s ability to “take care of others” was one of his “most important characteristics.” “He was always there for everyone. He was our captain. If you had a problem, you went to Franz,” continued the honorary president of FC Bayern.

3:55 p.m.: Beckenbauer approached Hoeneß for the first time and said: “I am Franz.” Beckenbauer was modest. “You could learn a lot from Franz, not just on the football field, but everywhere in life.”

3:54 p.m.: Hoeneß starts with a story from his past and when he first saw “Franz live” as a player. “If you can play together with him, that would be the greatest thing,” says Hoeneß, he thought to himself at the time.

3:52 p.m.: “We will never forget Franz Beckenbauer. We will always miss Franz Beckenbauer. God bless Franz Beckenbauer,” the Prime Minister of Bavaria concluded his speech.

3:50 p.m.: “His family was the most important thing to him,” said Söder. He describes how tragic it must have been for Beckenbauer that he had to experience the death of his son Stephan in 2015.

3:48 p.m.: Söder speaks of Beckenbauer as a “friendly” person and as “not arrogant”. “I find it particularly impressive that he cared so much about people,” Söder continues.

3:45 p.m.: Beckenbauer would have “instilled passion” in the players. Everyone played, not to become world champion in 1990, but for “him”. Söder means Beckenbauer.

3:44 p.m.: Söder discusses Beckenbauer’s successes and emphasizes that “my generation experienced him as a coach.”