Melissa Satta, the social outburst after the breakup with Berrettini

Dafter the end of her relationship with the tennis player Matteo Berrettini, Melissa Satta it ended up on the pages of tabloids around the world like “sex addict”. But she doesn’t agree, explaining that she is “in shock” over the attacks by the tabloid press announces complaints. “I do it for myself, I do it for my family, and I do it for all those women who have to suffer absurd situations.”

Melissa Satta, the birthday party is sweeter if Matteo Berrettini is at her side

Melissa Satta, the outburst after the breakup with Berrettini

In a post and in Instagram stories Melissa Satta tells what happened, also posting screenshots of the articles published online. And he clarifies that what he is about to undertake with his lawyers is not «a personal battle. But an achievement of civilization towards the role that information must play in society today and the responsibilities to which it must be called”.

The 38-year-old showgirl says she is «in shock at what happened. I didn’t expect it to get to this point and I can’t explain why.” He therefore underlines that «once again I am here to having to defend myself from keyboard lions who are journalists who have written shocking headlines in some online newspapers both in Italy and abroad. Accusing me, defaming me, writing statements that obviously were never made by me, using rather offensive and serious terms. And so I am here once again having to protect myself, but also having to protect my son.”

That “sex addict” reference

Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini on May 25, 2023 in Cannes. (Getty Images)

The reference is to some alleged declarations dating back to 2012 on the matter to the frequency of relationships with her then partner (and later husband) Kevin Prince Boateng, which had already been denied at the time but which are regularly dug up. And the same happened this time too. According to Satta (who says it clearly in her Instagram stories) everything started from an article from Daily Mail, titled Tennis star Matteo Berrettini separates from his sex-addicted supermodel girlfriend Melissa Satta. And the story, peppered with those repeatedly denied statements, ended up in newspapers around the world

«For a year», continues Satta, «I got buckets of shit for my relationship that just ended. It’s been a very heavy, very difficult year, and now that my relationship has come to an end I once again have to suffer these things. I find it unacceptable, so now I will really take serious action with my lawyers.”

I am also a woman and a mother

The showgirl then recalls that «before being a public figure I am a woman and I am a mother of a 10 year old child who goes to school. That he has friends with whom he talks, that he surfs the internet and that he reads everything that is posted. And once again the online world has shown the worst of itself: there is no control, there is no respect on the part of the people who write. Being a public figure I have always accepted gossip, paparazzi, articles. As long as they are made with common sense, as long as they are truthful, as long as they respect statements truly made. However, I don’t accept when a lot of bullshit is written, because this is the truth.”

Psychological violence is as serious as physical violence

Satta then shows screenshots of many of the offending articles “so maybe you realize the seriousness of the thing”. And he underlines that «Women shouldn’t feel guilty for faults they don’t have. Psychological violence is as serious as physical violence».

In another textual post, therefore, he puts what happened in black and white and promises that from now on he will not be intimidated and will react blow for blow. «And here I am, once again forced to assume my self-defense before the tribunal of the media inquisition, without having committed any “crime”, nor any behavior characterized by moral reprehensibility. Nothing! This time the press (and I apologize to those who practice the journalistic profession with awareness, commitment and preparation, if I use a term that associates them with those who use the printed paper as a mere exercise in social profiteering), regarding my discussed “breakup”, he didn’t fail to make the news tastier with the obvious aim of selling some paper copies or to earn a few more clicks, defining myself as a “sex addict”».

He then goes on to clarify that «just having to write about myself reporting a definition that deeply tears me apart requires enormous psychic strength because it seems to me that I find myself catapulted into the dock, forced to defend myself in a perverse system in which the presumption of innocence does not apply, but that of guilt, for which, based on this, a burden of proof on the contrary – If I am not able to prove facts in my defense, I will be held guilty.”

Melissa Satta: «The swimsuit test?  You can't improvise

Melissa Satta: «The swimsuit test?  You can't improvise

The role of the press

«I have thought several times, and I still think so», continues the showgirl, «that I belong to a world of people for whom fate has reserved the fortune of being public figures and of having to take into account some inevitable invasion into my private life, but It’s not the first time I’ve found myself forced to defend myself from some pen salesman who, in order to stimulate the imagination of readers who are more sensitive to the topic, does not fail to invent spicy stories about me, without caring in the slightest about the suffering caused to me as a mother, before as a woman and as a person”.

On the merits of the matter, «I don’t want to exploit sexism as fuel to fuel my outburstnor do I want to give in to the easy temptation of recalling news stories which daily see women subjected to the unhealthy gestures of some disturbed mind, but I believe that it is time for the press to assume its responsibilities and carry out the role of information according to the usual canons of truth and correctness, avoiding transmitting messages (on the Internet they are generated like a form of virulent epidemic) which can have devastating effects on the most labile minds”.

For this reason, he announces, «I swear to myself that I will not think of the episode in question as a simple hiccup on the path to fame. No, this time I’m determined to go all the way and denounce any repugnant newspaper dauber should give in to the temptation to denigrate me in such an unmotivated and gratuitous manner and to endanger my own personal safety!

And he concludes by apologizing “for the outburst but I believe that this is not a personal battle but an achievement of civilization regarding the role that information must play in society nowadays and the responsibilities to which it must be called.”