Mega case surrounding alleged robbery gang to start tomorrow: “It’s a wonder there haven’t been more deaths”

According to the Public Prosecution Service, the link between these robberies will only be determined later. On June 14, 2021, 72-year-old Sjaak Groot from Berkhout was robbed in his home. A struggle ensues, during which he is shot. He tries to call 911, but dies. With the phone still in his hand.

Suicide accelerates the case

Two weeks later it is a suicide that sets the case alight. It turns out to be one of the suspects. The gun used also contains DNA from Groot and later suspect Glenn V. According to an anonymous and threatened witness, but also a fellow inmate and his ex-girlfriendV. would have been the shooter in Berkhout.

“We then also got a picture of who the person who committed suicide was with. And we also compared similar robberies. After gunshot residue analysis, it turned out that the weapon had also been used in the robbery in De Goorn,” says press officer Anne de Lion.

The police and the judiciary are scaling up in a big way. A Large-Scale Investigation Team (TGO) is assigned to the case. 25 police officers are busy with the investigation every day. “And in addition, for the arrests, for example, another 25 to 100 people from all kinds of disciplines are deployed each time,” said police spokesman Roderick de Veen.