Mazda 3 e-Skyactiv-X, an innovative engine in search of passion – Video

The petrol car still has a lot to say, as long as it has taste and technology. Mazda 3 is a sincerely refined car, starting from its 446 cm long design where the surfaces of the bodywork are designed to reflect the various gradations of light intensity, without edges, taking in the nuances of the surrounding environment. An elegant personality that becomes sporty in its proportions, from the long bonnet to the overhangs in front of the wheels reduced to a minimum. There’s a lot to be said for the enveloping driving position that still holds on to the old-fashioned passion for cars, even if you’re in a radically new Mazda 3. The 186 HP Mazda 3 e-Skyactiv-X, priced starting from 29,550 euros, has a 1,998 cc engine with a completely innovative combustion system, which truly combines the advantages of a petrol engine with low consumption and availability in lower than a diesel, with the convenience of a mild hybrid. The maximum speed reaches 216 km/h, the 0-100 km/h acceleration is 8.2 seconds, with Co2 emissions equal to 118 g/km. There is a driving liveliness on which Mazda has worked a lot, and which still has much to tell