The 14-year-old boy who died as a result of a stabbing at Oscar Romero, a secondary school in Hoorn, comes from Westwoud. Mayors Jan Nieuwenburg van Hoorn and Michiel Pijl of the municipality of Drechterland say they are dismayed and sad.

    The boy (14) was stabbed after arguing with another teenager in a parking lot just outside the school grounds. It is not yet known what prompted the dispute.

    Mayor Jan Nieuwenburg says he is very upset. “I wish the relatives a lot of strength with this great loss. This terrible message has also hit the school hard. This makes an indelible impression on the students and teachers. We therefore assist them with what they need”, says he said in a statement.

    Senseless violence

    Shortly after the stabbing, the police arrested a 16-year-old boy from Hoorn. He has been incarcerated since Wednesday and is suspected of attempted murder. The investigation into the cause of the stabbing is still ongoing.

    Mayor Michiel Pijl of Drechterland, which includes Westwoud, is also affected and sad. “This senseless violence is incomprehensible,” he says. “My thoughts are with the families, friends and everyone affected by this.” Arrow offered his condolences to the victim’s family for the loss.

    “This is also hard for our village community. We want to assist everyone who needs it in this difficult time,” he concludes.

    second grade

    The rector of Oscar Romero Wessel van de Hoef and Sense de Groot, the chairman of the Executive Board of the school, have Instagram of the school informed that the 14-year-old student was in the second grade. They speak of a black day for education in Hoorn. “An unprecedented blow to his family. An unprecedented blow to his fellow students. An unprecedented blow to the staff of Oscar Romero and to all employees of Tabor College.”

    “Our thoughts are with his family, friends, classmates and everyone who has to miss him,” the post read.