Maximum concern with Neymar Jr.

12/03/2022 at 00:38


‘Ney’, who has already been KO’d for two games, turns on all the alarms because he will hardly play against South Korea on Monday

Richarlison verbalizes the general feeling in the Seleçao: “everyone has seen the lack that Neymar makes”

The sprain in the right ankle that Neymar Jr suffered in the first match of the ‘Canarinha’ is much more serious than what the coaching staff of Brazil exposed. PSG’s ’10’ is practically ruled out for Monday’s round of 16 match against South Korea.

What, in principle, was only limited to the last two games of the first phase, has now extended to the start of the single-match qualifiers. And the Seleçao continues with the tactic of putting hot cloths.

This is what Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar has done. “Regarding Neymar and Alex Sandro, we still have 72 hours for the next game, we are going to have time in our favour. We still have possibilities and we are going to wait how this transition will be. They have not yet started the field work with the ball and this will be done this Saturday“, he explained. “It is important to observe how the response they will have with the new stimulus will be. Depending on this, they may or may not have options to play.”

There are already those who point out that ‘Ney’ will not be discharged until the semifinalsand, forcing, could be in a hypothetical quarterfinal, in which the opponent of the Brazilians would be Japan or Croatia.

It is now up to Tite to find tactical solutions to the absence of its main star. The best situated to occupy the position of ‘Ney’ continues to be Lucas Paquetawhich would advance his position and leave a free place in the double pivot that Bruno Guimaraes would occupy. The other, which is the one that was used against Switzerland, would be that of Real Madrid player Rodrygowho would play falling more to the left where he would be associated with his teammate, Vinicius Jr.

The Brazilian dressing room does not hide its concern. “youeybody has seen how we have felt the lack of Neymar in recent games. He is in an advanced recovery phase and we can only wait for him to return as soon as possible”, Richarlison, one of the footballers called to make a difference, has exposed. “With Neymar on the field, not only those of us who play up front improve, as is my case, but also the whole team”has added.

Brazil can manage a round of 16, and then, if they qualify, a much more accessible quarter-final than was expected in theorybefore the eliminations against forecast in the first phase of Uruguay and Germany.

However, the ‘verdemaarela’ is very aware that without the presence of ‘Ney’ at his best level, he will hardly have title chances when the moment of truth arrives from the semifinals.