Of all the reviews that Alberto Fernández received from Máximo Kirchner, the one that hurt him the most was that of “adventurer”. “It cannot happen that those who use collective constructions, once that construction takes them to an important place, start a personal adventure,” the vice president’s son had sentenced him. That infuriated him. It is that the President understands the electoral game that is already underway and that incredibly pits Kirchnerism against the Government, but he felt that they accused him of being a traitor: “It is a wrong look,” he replied hours later.

    Unlike what happens with the proposals that Cristina makes to him, Alberto did not want to let the fierce statements by Máximo, which at this point could be described as a kind of bullying: “What they always criticize me the most is that I did not want to build Albertism, which is true. I am part of a project. They can accuse me of anything except having personal adventures,” he said.

    defended. And then he accused him, using a quote from Juan Domingo Peron: “When a comrade speaks ill of another comrade, he begins to stop being a Peronist.” Despite that, there will be no mercy: Máximo Kirchner and La Cámpora they will continue to wear down the figure of the President.

    RUTHLESS. The son of the vice president began to raise the tension with Alberto Fernández weeks ago, as he saw how the president disobeyed the requests of The Campora. President he resists getting out of re-election, complicating the K plans; it does not go to the bottom of the project to eliminate the PASO and it did not give an impulse to grant a fixed sum for the workers either. Enough.

    From there, Máximo attacks. Sometimes directly, others through one of its slopes. “The President is very self-absorbed. Thinking more of him than of the people and of Peronism,” the Secretary General of La Cámpora, Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque.

    Hannibal Fernandez, the brand new exegete of Alberto, replied to Máximo and his family: “They do not participate in the Government, it has been a while since they made a decision on what matters to all of us. It would be great if they joined in doing something positive for the country.” The defense also serves Kirchnerism, in the search to detach itself from the Government. The security minister He continued: “The expressions he pours have to do with the fact that he is the only one who knows them all and the rest of us are idiots. I think not, he is a little different the situation ”.

    The discussion between the deputy and the President branched out. Even Buenos Aires senator Teresa García corrected the president: “Alberto does not have the authority to say what said of Maximo“, held.

    There are already many leaders of Kirchnerism who demand the construction of the political table, to stop publicly discussing each of the issues that confront them, but Alberto resists. He knows that in private it will be more difficult for him to withstand the pressure to which he is subjected. It weakens him. That is why he responded in an unclear way, in the last interview on Futurock radio, when he was subjected to the idea of ​​meeting the other leaders of the Frente de Todos: “When we started talking like that, we spoke in a metalanguage that ordinary citizens say: ‘What are you talking about?’ Because all sectors of the front are part of the Government and the Government is the great table where it is managed”.

    The President’s strategy is to continue resisting in public the attacks of Máximo, who detaches himself from the management but not from the succulent boxes that Kirchnerism manages. Rebellion has a limit.

    WITHOUT A REST. From the beginning of the management, La Cámpora marked the field for the President. And Maximus himself.according to the journalist Horacio Verbitsky -who speaks with him-, clarified to Alberto that he did not share his mother’s decision to have made him a presidential candidate in 2019.

    Everything exploded even more in January of this year, when Máximo resigned as the presidency of the block of Deputies, detaching himself from the agreement with the IMF. He even voted against the interests of Fernandez. Friendly fire at its best.

    However, until now he maintained a minimum of respect when addressing the President. As in the last interview that he gave, in which he pointed out that he was the only one from the Government positioned on the starting grid. “I think Cristina is not going to be a candidate,” he said in El Destape. “Today Peronism has no candidates. Alberto said yes. Massa said no ”, she analyzed.

    But the label of “tourist adventurer” that the son of the vice president put on him when closing the Congress of the Buenos Aires PJ in Mar del Plata upset the President. “There is a great misplacement personally,” the journalist sentenced him Ernest Tenembaum. And he added, speaking directly to Máximo: “Don’t you realize that you are there not for you but for your mother?” The audio clip circulated in Casa Rosada and was celebrated.

    Alberto’s international tour gives the fight a truce. Then the World Cup in Qatar will come, which will be a balm for the tension of the Government. But the anger subsists and the proximity of the elections can be a breeding ground. After the virtual recess, Máximo and La Cámpora will return recharged.

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