Maxime Meiland’s husband responds to a rumor that he wants a divorce

Leroy Molkenboer, Maxime Meiland’s husband, responds with laughter to the rumor that he wants a divorce. “I talked about it with him laughing,” says biographer Jan Dijkgraaf.


The marriage of Maxime Meiland and Leroy Molkenboer is about to explode. At least, that is what the former family friend of the Meilandjes, Caroline van Eeden, claims. “I feel sorry for Leroy, but good luck with it, because he won’t last,” she says. “I’ll give you that now on a note. Her life is one big lie. She lies everything.”

‘Come on!’

What does Leroy think of that? Jan Dijkgraaf, the biographer of the Meilandjes, reveals it in conversation with Weekend. “I laughed about it with Leroy: ‘The fact that you are still with Maxime, you were getting divorced, weren’t you?’ They haven’t seen Caroline for three years and she would now know exactly what’s going on between them? Naturally. Come on.”

Leroy supports Maxime through thick and thin, including in the current defamation case filed against her. “He was with us, but was not allowed into the courtroom because it was closed. Leroy is a very relaxed support for Maxime, he supports her well.”

Soft egg

The defamation case against Maxime was filed by the man she accuses of rape. It is an event that still bothers her a lot, says Jan. “If her husband Leroy, who is really a soft egg in a positive sense, comes too close to her, she can sometimes run upstairs in hysterics.”

Why? “Because she has basically become afraid of men. Even for her own husband. According to Sébas (Dijkstra, her lawyer, ed.) This is much more common among women who have experienced rape.”

Not for a second

There is a fairly skeptical response to Maxime’s accusations. Did Jan doubt her? “Not for a second, because I talked to her about this matter three times. Precisely to see if there were any holes in her story, and there just weren’t any.”