Maxime Meiland refuses RTL Boulevard team: ‘She doesn’t dare’

Despite winning the defamation case – her biography can remain in the store – Maxime Meiland does not dare to respond in front of the camera. “There will be further proceedings on the merits.”

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A boost for Maxime Meiland: her biography can remain on the market and she does not have to rectify it. Her alleged rapist had demanded this, but the judge believes that she has anonymized him enough in the book. This young man has now announced proceedings on the merits and there is also a criminal case underway regarding the question of guilt.

Not on camera

Maxime is still a long way from getting rid of this man and that is why she does not want to celebrate this interim victory in front of the RTL Boulevard camera, expert Aran Bade reveals in the show section. “She doesn’t want to respond on camera.”

Maxime does provide a written response: “I am very happy, especially for the victims who now see that things can turn out well if you just keep your back straight.”

Aran: “They are going to have a quiet meal tonight to talk about it, because it is quite something. She has told her story to friends many times before and then put it in the book. It really did something to her.”

‘She doesn’t dare’

Why doesn’t Maxime want to be in front of the Boulevard camera? Presenter Lex Uiting: “So tonight we will have dinner with an interim happy outcome, but Maxime also says: ‘I don’t dare to respond in front of the camera yet, because there will indeed be further proceedings on the merits.’ The stocking isn’t finished yet, right?”

Criminal lawyer Clarice Stenger: “No, his lawyer Peter Schouten indicates that he will continue to litigate and collect more evidence.”

And then it doesn’t help if Maxime makes statements about this matter in the media.

‘A problem’

The judge does not believe that Maxime has given too clear indications about her alleged rapist in her biography. Lex: “Of course he himself gave an interview in Story and Privé.”

Clarice: “That’s a problem. He is actually being blamed for that. The whole adversarial process is balanced because he started talking to those magazines himself. He did that himself.”

Moreover, Clarice emphasizes that the defamation case was not about the question of guilt. “So this continues and then we also have the criminal case. That is about the question: did that rape take place? This court will not rule on that.”

‘Move on!’

And what does Yvonne Coldeweijer, who has good contact with Maxime, think about it? She writes on her juice channel: “Bro, you lost. 🤦‍♀️ I understand that you are suddenly famous in your village and are doing well, but the judge has already spoken, so otherwise get on with your life. 👍”

She concludes: “The fact that you supposedly want to remain anonymous is becoming increasingly unbelievable. Your name was never mentioned at all. Move on.”