Maxime Meiland raped again? ‘That’s right, by Story and Privé!’

Jan Dijkgraaf, the biographer of the Meilandjes, believes that Maxime Meiland was raped by the gossip magazines of Evert Santegoeds and Guido den Aantrekker. “This is very rude.”


Maxime Meiland appeared in court yesterday because she has been charged with defamation by the man she accuses of rape in her biography. The reality star of SBS 6 showed up at the court with her family and their biographer Jan Dijkgraaf was also present. And he has himself in front of the camera Show news very exuberant.

Raped by the press?

Jan believes that the gossip magazines of Evert Santegoeds (Privé) and Guido den Aantrekker (Story) play a disgusting role in this matter. They have given a platform to the man who initiated the defamation case against Maxime. “Maxime was raped by Story and Privé in recent months,” the biographer says plainly.

Maxime’s alleged rapist and his lawyer Peter Schouten have spoken extensively with these magazines. “They conducted a dirty media campaign against Maxime Meiland from the beginning of December,” Jan says in his podcast Call Bassie. “Then he was interviewed by Story and Privé.”

Slut shaming

It bothers Jan what the tenor of those stories in the magazines was. “The core of those stories was actually that Maxime Meiland is a slut. Yes, that’s called slut shaming. That happens to many women who have been raped. (…) And then he was photographed from behind, which is not useful if you want to avoid being recognisable.”

There is talk of a ‘spread campaign’ in which Privé and Story are actively participating, according to Jan. He states that these magazines also do not answer questions. “You can also think: I won’t let myself be used for this. (…) What they do is disgusting. Such as Nick Dijkman, the Story reporter, who initially had a good relationship with the Meilandjes and me.”


Jan states that that good relationship has broken down and that the Story is now taking revenge. “Things went wrong because of a few stories and then Erica Meiland sent an email saying: ‘You are no longer welcome with us.’ That’s not the smartest email from a PR perspective, but that’s what the Meilandjes are like: if you screw me in my eyes, you could end up dead.”

He continues: “I think that’s a good attitude. But since then, Nick Dijkman has started hunting for the Meilandjes. That has led to a number of Story stories about Mr. (…) Maxime’s happiness has been seriously disturbed in recent months by Peter Schouten and Privé and Story in particular.”

‘It scares me’

Shownieuws star Dyantha Brooks finds Jan’s statements intense. “Jan Dijkgraaf makes striking statements. An unfortunate choice of words or just that you think: what are you talking about?”

Colleague Natacha Harlequin: “Dyantha, I have to be honest: I was a bit shocked by his statements. Then I thought for a moment: like that. I personally find it very rude. Also quite inappropriate. There are also many people watching at home who you unnecessarily affect with these kinds of statements. I always pay attention to that.”