‘Maxime Meiland is a devil, even Erica and Martien are terrified!’

Maxime Meiland is the least liked member of her TV family. She’s known for being unreliable, lying and spoiled, but could it be much worse? “Yes. She really is a devil.”

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Anyone who thinks that Maxime Meiland simply has a somewhat annoying character is wrong, according to their former friend Caroline van Eeden. She emphasizes in a New Year’s Eve interview with the Party that girl is really not good. When asked which Meilandje she finds the worst, she answers: “Maxime. I think she’s a devil.”

The devil

Why? Caroline: “She got her mother to start trying to get me out. She stirred things up. Erica is not like that by nature. I got to know her as a spirited aunt, but an honest woman. But I have also seen Erica change day by day. She is now just like Maxime. Because of the fame, the attention.”

Maxime is lying about their collision, she believes. “As far as Maxime is concerned, and you can put that in very bold letters in the Party: if I had really hit her, I would have told her honestly now. Because in my opinion this girl needs a very hard blow from an educational perspective. At least when she was 23 and threw a glass at me.”

The runt

A glass to your head is terribly risky. “The brat. She said, “Box, shut your mouth!” The tables were knocked over, I pushed them over. A parasol hit her arm. Maybe I scratched her arm with my finger in all those movements. We were nose to nose against each other.”

She continues: “I have green eyes, but if the real devil awakens in me, I won’t scratch, I will really lash out. But this girl… Her own parents are afraid of her, man. She’s a terrible chick! It is unimaginable that such a thing exists.”