The tests of the high school exam next June, back to the pre-pandemic model

    Riccardo Cristilli

    January 27th

    – Rome

    Maturity returns to the past. After the three school years marked by the emergency for the Covid-19 pandemic, the state exam returns to the formulation born with the legislative decree 62/2017: a test of Italian common to all, a second written test different according to the course of study and the final interview. Each test can bring up to a maximum of 20 points. There first test is scheduled for Wednesday 21 June 2023 starting at 8:30 common to all of Italy, the day after, Thursday 22 June the second round.

    Maturity 2023: the second test

    The new Minister of Education, Joseph Vallettarasigned the decree in which the subjects chosen for the second test of each type of school. The decision was to complicate the lives of boys and girls too much and to choose the Latin for the Classical High School and Mathematics for the Scientific one also for the Applied Sciences courses and the sports-oriented sections. Linguists will be offered a test on Foreign language 1. Human Sciences for the Human Sciences High School, the artistic will be asked questions relating to design disciplines characteristics of individual addresses; Theory, analysis and composition for music high school; dance techniques for the Liceo Coreutico.

    As for the technical institutes graduated in 2023 Business Economics for the Administration, Finance and Marketing specialization; Business economics and Geo-politics in the articulation International relations for marketing and Tourism and business disciplines for the Tourism address; Design, construction and systems for the Construction, Environment and Territory major, for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Information Technology and Telecommunications for the respective majors; Multimedia design in the Graphic and communication area; Vegetable productions for agricultural addresses, Oenology for the articulation Viticulture and oenology.

    The third test

    There third oral exam instead it will see the candidates starting from an analysis of a text, document or an experience, a project assigned by the commission and functional to ascertain the educational level achieved by the student. Inside there will also be space for the description of one’s experience in alternating school and work. Each commission will be composed of a president and three external commissioners who support the internal members of each class. On ministry website the lists of subjects of the external commissioners for each address have been published. All that remains is to wish all the graduates of 2023 a big good luck.