Matthis will soon dance in large ballet school in London: “Reward for hard work”

    At the moment Matthis is still taking lessons at the ballet school Raymonda in Deerlijk, but he will soon be in the ballet hall of the Royal Ballet School in London. “It’s one of the biggest ballet schools, it’s a dream to be able to dance there,” he says.

    “I especially hope to get better. I want to be able to dance with the same technique as the ballet dancers of the Opera House.”

    Worked hard

    His ballet coach Wendy Demeyere also looks back with pride on Matthis’s career: “We have been preparing this since he was ten years old. Four years ago he actually said that he wanted to go to London, now that is a reward for all his work.”

    Matthis’s dream comes true, but he had to work hard for it. By winning competitions in New York and Paris, he received an invitation to go to boarding school in London.

    The lessons that Matthis will take there will be in English, but that is not a problem, according to him.