Matthijs van Nieuwkerk suddenly gives random quotes to Boulevard

So, the commercial metamorphosis of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk has gone quickly: the presenter once had something unattainable, but now just randomly gives quotes to RTL Boulevard.


Matthijs van Nieuwkerk apparently feels like a fish in water with the commercial boys and girls of RTL. Until three weeks ago it was unthinkable that RTL Boulevard would be able to call him at any time for some quotes, but now that they share the same employer this is apparently the most normal thing in the world. So much for his inaccessibility.

Quote from Matthijs

RTL Boulevard had an incredibly predictable event last night boring item about the success of Today Inside. Death eaters from Rob Goossens, ideas from Vivienne van den Assem and Lex Uiting who reads a quote: it has become increasingly clear lately that the show section mainly wants to be mainstream and preferably not controversial.

And that is precisely the main ingredient of VI’s great success: controversy. Was there nothing juicy at all in that Boulevard item? Well, something striking in any case, because the quote that Lex Uiting read was one from Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. Someone who has absolutely nothing to do with the subject, Today Inside.

New colleague

Matthijs, who until recently had triple-A status, is now called ‘colleague’ by Boulevard. Lex: “We also asked our new colleague Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, because he was of course the last major program that was as influential as the men are now.”

And? “Matthijs van Nieuwkerk says: ‘Crazy what you experience when your program becomes so influential. Then many forces are released, not all of them equally warm and sympathetic.’”

‘So delicious’

Why is this quote from Matthijs even relevant? Why does the presenter participate in an item in a show section that is not even about him? Is that required contractually? Does he now feel obliged to do so because of the multi-million contract he negotiated with Peter van der Vorst?

In any case, Rob Goossens thinks it’s funny: “I love that we can now call Matthijs van Nieuwkerk every now and then for a quote.”

Vivienne: “Hahahaha.”