Good Times Bad Times is hit by a Matthijs van Nieuwkerk-like scandal. It seems that Ludo Sanders is seriously out of line. “Everyone is walking on eggshells.”

    © RTL

    It is regularly said that the studio executioner behavior of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is not an isolated case. The problem of an unsafe working environment is said to play a role throughout society and it has now become clear again: even in Meerdijk they suffer from it. Ludo Sanders appears to be an employer villain.

    Culture of fear

    RTL Boulevard had the scoop last night. Presenter Eddy Zoëy even opens the broadcast with it: “The following storyline has started and it looks suspiciously like something that a well-known talk show host has recently caused: the culture of fear.”

    Then Janine Elschot, Ludo’s partner, appears on the screen. She reads out a vehement newspaper headline: “Fear Reigns in Kingdom of Sanders.” “Good Times Bad Times also has to keep up with the times. On Monday you can see that there is a culture of fear in Ludo’s company. At least: it seems so,” says the voice-over of the show section.

    On eggs

    What would be wrong in Ludo’s company? Janine reads from the newspaper article: “Everyone walks on eggs, swearing cannonades and people are fired for the slightest thing.”

    Quite spicy of course. GTST actor Bas Muijs told Boulevard: “It is of course a fairly realistic story and topical. I think that brings the series even closer to the viewer.”

    Higher viewing figures

    TV connoisseur Rob Goossens was allowed to give an extensive talk after the item about how the viewing figures of GTST would have risen so much. “An average of 800 to 900 thousand people watch per evening and on Videoland another 400 or 500 thousand are added. That puts you at 1.3 million per episode. I think that’s very neat.”

    Good Times Bad Times managed to entertain 813 thousand viewers on RTL 4 yesterday. The storyline about corporate executioner Ludo starts immediately after the weekend.