Matthijs van Nieuwkerk caught in Porsche, flees country after RTL riot

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk has fled the country in his very expensive Porsche Cayenne. He immediately jumped into the car when Peter van der Vorst publicly broke up with him. Vroom!


After chatting a few laps in the park, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk thought he had arrived, but his horror behavior at De Wereld Draait Door continues to haunt him. Now that his new boss at RTL, Peter van der Vorst, has dropped him after pressure from outside, the presenter is back on the reserve bench. The question is: will he ever get rid of that?

In the Porsche

How is Matthijs doing now? Does he cycle to his neighborhood café every afternoon to grab the door handle and then turn back in shame? No, this time he takes the Porsche to Paris…

Edwin Smulders, the most successful paparazzo in the Netherlands, caught Matthijs last Monday – when Peter broke up with him – while he was fleeing the country. The photos are on the cover of Story (see below). “Martha and Matthijs with the Porsche Cayenne that will take them south as quickly as possible,” it says.

Passport in pocket

It seems that the flight from the Netherlands was arranged very last minute, because we see Matthijs parading with a kind of food package in his hands and his passport in his shirt pocket. “While he is taking the snacks for the road to the car, Matthijs looks defeated. Visibly it has a huge impact on the fallen TV star.”

His girlfriend Martha Riemsma also looks terribly sad, according to Story. “You could read from their faces the impact of the announcement of his aborted start at RTL.”

Different hat

Private boss Evert Santegoeds states in his podcast Strictly Private that Matthijs has already been spotted in Paris. “Tourists would have seen him in Paris. Yes, of course you can immerse yourself there. With another hat on and blue sunglasses.”

Want to have a little giggle under the Eiffel Tower? Who knows. “I don’t think he is sitting there on a terrace like he used to, brash and with nice programs in his back pocket. No, that is not possible at the moment.”

Story cover

The cover of Story: