The NPO does not attach serious consequences to the revelations about Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. TV bobo Frans Klein can just stay put. There will be an ‘action plan’ for the form.

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    Opening the Matthijs van Nieuwkerk cesspit has not yet led to heads rolling. Everyone can just sit comfortably in their place and that will not surprise the dozens of victims of the presenter: it has always been that way. The NPO is only announcing an ‘action plan’ this afternoon, exactly what State Secretary Gunay Uslu asked for this morning.

    For the stage

    It is the easiest solution that the NPO can choose right now: to announce an ‘action plan’ as soon as possible. After all, that doesn’t hurt anyone. “In the short term, the NPO will draw up an action plan together with all broadcasters to ensure that there is a safe working environment for all employees of the public broadcaster at all times.”

    The arrival of this action plan has just been announced by the new NPO chairman Frederieke Leeflang, who had a chat with State Secretary Gunay Uslu of Media Affairs. She wanted such an action plan because of the revelations in de Volkskrant about the years of culture of fear at De Wereld Draait Door.

    In shock

    You guessed it: Mrs. Leeflang is very ‘shocked’ by that. “At the public broadcasters, we are all extremely shocked by the large number of employees who have had negative and frightening experiences while working for the DWDD programme. This should never have happened.”

    Everyone involved can breathe a sigh of relief. The NPO only wants to prevent recurrence, but there will be no settlement. “We also want to understand what exactly happened at DWDD, so that we can learn from this for the future.”

    French remains seated

    Frans Klein, the television boss of the NPO who was a big target for years with Matthijs and his terror buddy Dieuwke Wynia, can just stay put. And that while according to de Volkskrant it is evident that he knew about everything. Many critics think he should just leave.

    However, the NPO believes that Frans ‘clearly shows in his current role that a safe working environment must always come first’. “And that’s what he’s aiming for.”

    Look forward

    According to the NPO, the gaze must be forward. “This story is about his previous position as media director at BNNVARA where he worked until early 2014.”

    Frans is held over his head. “Frans Klein has answered all questions from de Volkskrant about this period to the best of his knowledge and belief. He is also shocked by the negative and anxious experiences of employees at DWDD and that is of course never the intention.

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