After the movie together, the couple has been in the middle of the uproar.

    Harry Styles is busy with his long tour, which may affect the couple’s decision to take a break. PDO

    Singer Harry Styles, 28, and actress Olivia Wilde, 38, have called their two-year relationship on hiatus.

    According to the TMZ magazine, the possible reason is the duo’s work schedules.

    Harry is currently on his Love on Tour, which is heading to South America in the next few days. The tour will continue at an intense pace until July 2023.

    Olivia, on the other hand, works on films in Hollywood, where she and her ex-husband keep her busy in addition to work By Jason Sudeikis two children together.

    According to the magazine, Styles and Wilde’s break may also be influenced by recent events that have complicated the duo’s relationship.

    Awkward situations

    Actors of the film Don’t Worry Darling, which caused a lot of trouble, on the red carpet.

    Styles and Wilde have been secretly dating for the past two years. According to rumors, Wilde broke up with her husband Sudeikis when she met Styles in the fall of 2020.

    The two became closer during the shooting of the film Don’t Worry Darling, when Wilde, who directed the film, attached Styles to his first leading role.

    However, not everything went as planned, as both parties experienced awkward situations and rumors after the film came out.

    Florence Pugh, who played the female lead in the film, took a liking to Wilde so badly that she skipped the marketing tour and thanked everyone on social media except Wilde.

    The situation where Styles was suspected of spitting also caused an uproar Chris Pine on the occasion of the same film. However, both denied spitting.

    Also, at Cinemacon in Las Vegas, Wilde received a special letter when he presented the trailer for his film. Documents related to the custody of her children were revealed inside the envelope.

    Now that the uproar has subsided, the couple is said to have taken time off for their relationship.

    Olivia Wilde found herself in an awkward situation when she received custody papers on stage. PDO

    Source: TMZ