Masseuse ‘extremely shocked’ after assault, photo distributed of suspect: ‘Do you recognize yourself?’ | Interior

An unknown man assaulted a masseuse in September 2022 while he was being massaged in a massage parlor on Bloemerstraat in Nijmegen. To find out his identity, the police threaten to publish a recognizable photo of the man.

The suspect has one week to report to the police. If not, camera image is shown in the tracking program Crime scene from Omroep Gelderland. It shows how he entered the massage parlor around four o’clock in the afternoon.

Without giving details, the police report that the man is suspected of assault. The masseuse was ‘extremely shocked’ by the immoral acts on Thursday, September 22, the police reported. The victim therefore filed a report against the man.

Heavy investigative tool

“Threatening to publish a recognizable photo is a heavy means of investigation,” a police spokesman admits. “This is carefully considered, in which the importance of privacy also weighs heavily. This is always done in consultation with the Public Prosecution Service.”

“Only when the police have already explored all kinds of other ways to find out the identity of the suspect, and there is a need to solve the case, can it be decided to use this means. That is also the reason that only now, six months after the offense, is this being done.”

The Nijmegen police have spread the call to the suspect via Facebook to report voluntarily soon. In addition, an image of the suspect has been placed on which he has been made unrecognizable, with the statement ‘Do you recognize yourself?’. In addition, everyone is asked to pass on tips about this case.