Mascot in Brazil is said to have sexually harassed a reporter – complaint

In Brazil there is said to have been an incident between a club mascot and a radio presenter. The club has already drawn conclusions.

They’re actually supposed to heat up the atmosphere in the stadium and put the fans in a good mood. But a mascot in Brazil is now accused of blatant misconduct.

The radio reporter Gisele Kümpel accuses the actor of the mascot of the Internacional Porto Alegre football club of sexually harassing her. She has already filed a police report.

The incident is said to have occurred during the city derby between Internacional and Gremio Porto Alegre last Sunday. In an interview with the “GloboEsporte” portal, Kümpel, who works for the Brazilian radio station Monumental, said that she was sitting behind one of the goals when she noticed uncharacteristic behavior from the Inter mascot. According to her, the performer made strange gestures in her direction.

“Feel his sweat”: Club releases mascot actor

When Internacional scored the winning goal, the mascot, who goes by the name “Saci”, hugged her and tried to kiss her. Kümpel said about this moment: “He stopped next to me and hugged me. With the mask he pressed my head to him. I could hear the sound of the kiss and I felt his sweat.”

The club has already drawn conclusions from the incident and released the mascot actor. The club also forwarded surveillance camera footage to the police. In a statement it said: “We trust that all facts will be properly clarified with the police department. For this reason, and pending a quick resolution of the case, the employee responsible for the mascot and the club itself are at the disposal of the authorities.”