Mary Borsato very fierce in front of camera Show news: ‘Character assassination!’

Mary Borsato gave a very fierce interview to a camera crew from Shownieuws last night. She believes that character assassination has been committed against her son Marco Borsato. “That is it!”

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It is still unclear whether Marco Borsato will be prosecuted for inappropriate behavior with a then underage girl. The Public Prosecution Service takes an extremely long time to reach a decision. More and more celebrities are tired of waiting and want their colleague to be rehabilitated, guilty or not.

‘Everything wiped away’

Mary Borsato is also completely fed up with it. She was interviewed yesterday at some book party by a reporter from Show news. Initially she holds off: “I’d rather not elaborate on it too much, but he’s doing well. It goes well.”

When asked how she experiences the whole Marco riot as a mother, she says: “As a mother it is very difficult. I really mean that. What I find most difficult is that people have forgotten what he is and was like as a person. What he has done in the past for everyone. That it will all be wiped away in one go. I think that is very bad.”

Great person

Marco is no longer who he was, according to Mary. “As a human being he was very tall, you know what I mean? Not only as an artist, but as a person he was very great and special. That was destroyed in one go. I think that is very bad, because I know and everyone who knows him that he is a fantastic person.”

It’s all clearly very important to Mary. “Yes, I get fierce all at once, don’t you, when you talk about it? No, but I also mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Character assassination

The Shownieuws reporter: “Does it feel a bit like character assassination?”

Mary agrees: “Yes, but that’s it! That is it! That’s the right name for it! I find it a bit difficult to use that word as a mother, but that’s how you can describe it.”

Does she talk to Marco about it? “No, we’re not going to talk about it at all, because when we’re together, we’re just having fun and all you want is positivity and fun.”

Jokes and pranks

Mary says she only does fun things with Marco. “Jokes and pranks get you the furthest. To keep it fun. Because if you continue in this situation, it’s still the same story after two years, you know? So we don’t do that. We just go out and have fun and jokes and have fun.”

She concludes: “Making a lot of noise as I am. That’s when you get the furthest, because then everyone has a good time and a good time. We assume that everything will end positively, so to speak.”