Martín Soria, the common enemy of Lorenzetti and Rosatti

The rift between the judges of the Supreme Court Horacio Rosatti and Ricardo Lorenzetti closes when you need to reference the Justice minister. Both have a bad image of the work of Martin Soriathe official who should act as a link between the Judicial Power and the Executivebut whose main function is to criticize the work of court.

It was Lorenzetti who exhibited the differences: “We do not see any management,” he began. And he added: “We have only had one visit. After that we have not had a relationship. There are no proposals from the ministry to deal with, neither for dialogue nor for legislative modifications”.

Soria He did not take long to respond: “If by negotiations you mean secret meetings in Pink House to orchestrate the Lawfare, do not count on this official”. The minister is ready before each advanced K against the Court: The last one, which is being prepared in Congress, is a project to expand the highest court.

by RN

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