The RTL 4 show Buying Without Watching remains a mega hit, but the criticism of couples who continuously conjure up a few extra tons from a top hat is growing. Presenter Martijn Krabbé understands.

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    Buying Without Watching is one of the biggest hits of RTL 4: yesterday the show by Martijn Krabbé was the winner in prime time with more than 1.4 million viewers (30% market share). With this, the program defeated both MAX Vakantieman (1.3 million and 27%) on NPO 1 and Family Gillis: Massa is Kassa (657 thousand and 14%) on SBS 6.

    Criticism from viewers

    The viewers of Buy Without Watching are persistently critical of the enormous budget that the candidate couples have in their search for a new home. “When are you going to finally help people (including singles) with a tight budget and/or too few rooms for their family?”, viewer Jesper wondered on Twitter.

    There are plenty of people who don’t have such a big budget at all. “Those who really need help. Again and again couples with a large budget”, he complains. Then pointing to last night’s episode: “And now plenty of room.”

    Martijn responds

    Martijn, who is not only the presenter but also the producer, thinks that is a good comment from Jesper. “It’s nice of you to say that. We’re trying to find out if we can do that in series seven. Working on it!!”

    Will single home seekers also have access to Buy Without Watching? “Probably in the new season. It has been a wish of the team for a long time”, says Martijn.

    And when will Buy Without Looking fix ugly gardens? “We don’t do gardens. at least; Bob and Roos don’t do gardens. And we want to keep the team as it is. In addition, the program runs all year round. Make a nice garden in the winter…”

    Dionne Stax

    The most watched TV program that started at 9.30 is Dionne Close to The First Ladies with 656 thousand viewers (15%) on NPO 1, a pretty meager score for that channel.

    At this time, NPO 2’s Nieuwsuur (511 thousand and 11%), RTL 5’s 112 Today (349 thousand and 8%) and SBS 6′ Chateau Meiland (345 thousand and 8%) were the most viewed alternatives.

    Viewing figures

    Other programs that did not make the top 15 include Hart van Nederland (567 thousand), Shownieuws (447 thousand), Lang Leve De Liefde (367 thousand) and Shownieuws Zomeredition (240 thousand).

    The viewing figures of Monday, June 27, 2022 (SKO

    Top 15

    Market Shares (18-24h, 6+)

    01. News 20:00 (NPO1) 1,710,00001. RTL4 / 25.0%
    02. Buy Without Watching (RTL4) 1,446,00002. NPO1 / 23.0%
    03. MAX Holiday man (NPO1) 1,310,00003. SBS6 / 10.2%
    04. Half past seven news (RTL4) 1.222.00004. NPO2 / 6.1%
    05. News 18:00 (NPO1) 1,036,00005. RTL5 / 4.2%
    06. EenVandaag (NPO1) 916,00006. Vero / 3.9%
    07. RTL Boulevard (RTL4) 875,00007. NPO3 / 3.2%
    08. Good times bad times (RTL4) 820.00008. RTL8 / 2.3%
    09. Op1 (NPO1) 779,00009.NET5/2.1%
    10. Humberto (RTL4) 760,00010. RTL7 / 1.9%
    11. Edition NL (RTL4) 728.00011. Eurosp / 1.8%
    12. Gillis family (SBS6) 657,00012. BBC / 1.7%
    13. Dionne Nearby (NPO1) 656,00013. Discov / 1.6%
    14. Journal Late (NPO1) 586,00014. Ziggo / 1.3%
    15. Six hours of news (RTL4) 586,00015. RTLZ / 0.9%

    Market shares per channel group (18-24h, 6+)

    More viewing figures at:

    01. RTL Netherlands 34.6%
    02. Public Broadcasting 32.3%
    03. Talpa TV 16.8%