Kendall Jenner is rumored to have recently divorced her longtime boyfriend. In his Instagram account, he did not take a stand on the matter, but posted a nude picture.

    Kendall Jenner posted a nude photo on her Instagram account and made users react. snapshot-photography

    Kendall Jenner, 26, a model and familiar with The Kardashians, posted a much revealing nude on her Instagram account. He only posted the picture a few days after his rumored resignation.

    Jenner was dating an NBA star Devin Brookerin, 25, with two years, but the relationship ended with the experience that they are “on different paths”. The ex-couple has stated in the past that they do not have common plans for the future.

    Neither has officially confirmed the difference in their social media accounts. People, E! News and Entertainment Tonight.

    Kendall and Devin Brooker photographed in the spring while they were still together. AOP

    Kendall posted a series of five photos on his Instagram account showing sushi, plants indoors as well as Kendall riding. According to The Sun, the first image has caused confusion and enthusiasm among the model’s followers. In it, a 26-year-old star is lying naked in the sun.

    The first nude picture of the model has provoked a lot of reactions among Instagram users. Kendall has received a lot of admiration, but also hints of his single life as well as criticism of nudity.

    – Single energy.

    – Clearly different publications.

    – Isn’t it illegal to be naked on Instagram?

    – Single and swing.

    Source: The Sun.