The couple already envision their new dream home. But two problems quickly arise: their endless wish list and insufficient budget.

    Makers ‘Buy without looking’ issue ultimatum

    A visit from Martijn Krabbé is in Buy without looking always positive news. The first time it means you join the program and Alex will get to work for you. The second visit means that a house has been bought and that now Bob and Roos are also involved. But when Martijn shows up with Alex and Bob by his side, Jeroen and Carlijn know that the end is exercise.

    The search for their dream home takes so long that the team gives them an ultimatum and then a deadline. With fewer requirements (not a Pippi Longstocking house after all) and more budget (now €600,000), Alex has to buy a house in a short time. It looks like it didn’t work for a while…

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    Close search

    To be tongue in cheek voice-over texts and sometimes somewhat bland ways to announce that a house has been bought are loyal fans of Buy without looking got used to it by now. But what he does in the last episode goes a long way even for Martijn. Shortly after the deadline, he invites Jeroen and Carlijn to talk to Bob and Alex. What the couple does not know is that Alex has managed to purchase a DIY house just within the set deadline. But Martijn prefers to let the couple sweat for a while.

    “A few months ago we decided: we have to set a deadline. The day has come and gone, so we must close the search. We have now closed the search,” says Martijn deadly serious. The crying is now closer to Carlijn than the laughter. She had already given up hope when setting the deadline. “I thought: now it’s done. That is the biggest disappointment for me.”

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    Good news

    Fortunately, Martijn soon brings the good news: Alex has found a lovely home in Soest for the family. “You are a couple who know exactly what they want and what they don’t want. That just has to come on the market,” says Alex. “And let that happen.”

    Carlijn and Jeroen, who are already busy dealing with the disappointment of the failed search, don’t know what they hear. They are so happy and grateful that they immediately fly into the arms of the three men. “I can cry”, Carlijn shouts. When the search for their dream home has finally come to an end after a year and a half and a beautiful house is waiting for them after the renovation, they couldn’t be happier. “I can totally see it happening here,” she says. “We really never have to leave here.”

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    Bob Sikkes is the star of the popular program Buying without watching. The contractor is popular with many women and therefore receives various messages. Matthijs explains how it is.

    Source: Buy without watching (RTL 4)

    June 28, 2022