Mars and Venus enter Aquarius: the influences on the zodiac signs

Venus, from the astrology treatise “De Sphaera” (around 1470), Lombard master (photo Alamy / Ipa).

H.year decided to join together during the weekend of March 5th. First Venuswrapped in a breeze that ruffles her hair. Then Marsthe planet of determination, which in Aquarius becomes a brilliant action, a subversive gust that upsets the zodiacal chessboard.

The Air signs rejoice as hostages released from the strict Capricorn protocol. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius suddenly they feel stellar Hulk full of energy. They needed to feel the breath of the news in their faces to perk up.

Especially the Libra already this weekend it seems to be reborn after a period of existential pallor that had created a film of distance even in family relationships, a silent impatience that had also reached the relationship.

Aries rejoices together with Sagittariusin particular the first sign of Fire after two months lived under the table could not understand such a professional bad habit where everything was uphill, with no trace of openings.

Among the signs of Earth, on the other hand, it is Taurus who accuses the arrival of the two planets in Aquarius. And he realizes on the fly that it’s time to get busy at work because more stimulating perspectives can be opened.

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And the Lion? She has understood that with the entry of the planets into Aquarius she can no longer be satisfied with how things are going in the relationship. You have given a lot, receiving very little in return. Rematch is in the air.
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