Married at First Sight Italy: previews of the third episode

Per the six protagonists of Marriage at first sight Italy – on air with the third episode tonight at 9.20pm on Real Time – goes on honeymoon in their respective ones dream location. Which certainly cannot be said about their marriages, never like this year one more unsuccessful than the other, at least for now.

“Married at First Sight Italy”: who are the 6 single protagonists

Marriage at first sight Italy: previews of the third episode

How are the honeymoons of the three couples? Bad, none of the three couples bodes well. They have some glimmers of hope in a lasting relationship Giuseppe and Ilariaon honeymoon in Zanzibar; Roberto and Stefania instead – in the Sharm El Sheik sun – they keep a safe distance while Enrico and Benedetta already seem ready to sign the divorce papers after the first night in Fuerteventura.

Perhaps precisely because faced with this panorama of failures, Mario Abis, Nada Loffreda and Andrea Favaretto – the experts – have decided to marry another single couple. Inserting a fourth couple after the experiment has already begun is a truly unprecedented decision in the history of the program. But who are these two new participants?

Ilaria and Fabio, the new couple of Marriage at first sight Italy

Ilaria (34 years old from Agrate Brianza), works in a sports association where she takes care of the secretariat and training of riding teachers. Horses are his passion, together with films, long trips, motorbikes and going out with friends. Very close to her twin sister, he dreams of a wedding like that of his beloved parents.

Fabio is also 34 years old, comes from Parma and works as a maintenance worker in a company in the province of Parma. Adrenaline-driven and with a good heart, he often travels by motorcycle, camping in a tent during breaks . Son of separated parents, he is very close to her mother and her new partner.

In front of the altar, the two seem to like each other immediately, and Ilaria doesn’t hide all her enthusiasmconfiding to the authors that Fabio «is very nice, I really hope he is the man of my life». After the wedding lunch, however, given that Ilaria does not respect its standards perfectly aesthetic, he seems a little less sure compared to the initial enthusiasm. The honeymoon destination is in Salento, we’ll see how they behave.

Fabio, the new protagonist of “Married at First Sight Italy”. (Real Time)

Other couples’ honeymoon

The Tuscan couple formed by Enrico and Benedetta it seems now at the end of the lineespecially after an evening where she, increasingly haughty and aggressive, he unfairly accuses the unfortunate Enrico of being a constant complainer. Arriving at the end of the evening to threaten to pack his bags and go home after just three days of honeymoon.

Stefania Gioachin. (Real Time)

The situation between the Piedmontese Stefania and Roberto improves slightly. After the wedding ceremony – with Stefania in tears in front of the cameras because she doesn’t like Roberto physically –, the honeymoon in Sharm el-Sheikh seems to work. He, gallant and courteous, he respects the coldness of his new wife, a behavior appreciated by Stefania who however continues to affirm that the man is just not her ideal. There is no lack of dialogue between the two, but the spark of love just cannot be seen.

Same goes for Ilaria and Giuseppe. Even if there is no thrill between the two (Ilaria confides to the authors that Roberto does not reflect his male typology, except then complain that he doesn’t make the first move, which is too passive).

In short, never like this year, the experts of Marriage at first sight Italy they seem to have failed with couplings. All that remains is to wait for the next evolutions of the couple.