Married at First Sight 8: previews of the second episode

Tall ready – on Real Time at 9.20pm – for the second episode of Marriage at first sight 8, the beloved dating show in which three single couples find themselves in front of the altar to swear eternal love without ever having met. After having witnessed the wedding of Sonia and Alberto, today we will finally also see those among the other singles. Will love at first sight strike someone?

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Married at first sight 8previews of the second episode

Valentina and Alessandro

She is a former tourist entertainer from Bergamo (extroverted) and he is a functional analyst from Milan (introverted). After years traveling around the world, Valentina finally feels ready to put down roots, while Alessandro still bears the marks of a long relationship that ended badly. They arrive at the altar blindfolded, like all the participants in the dating show, and Alessandro amazes with a very romantic gesture: he asks «Will you marry me?» on his knees.

Fascinated by the gesture, Valentina immediately becomes enthusiastic, and during the wedding lunch she indulges in wild celebrations and dancing together with her friends. For his part, Alessandro seems almost annoyed by such exuberancea mood that doesn’t change even when the destination of their honeymoon is announced: the Mexico. If you are looking forward to returning to South America, he is clearly annoyed and confides in the authors that «My ex was Latin American, I’m not so keen on reliving certain sensations linked to her». The conditions for this couple, therefore, are not at all the best.

Sonia and Alberto

Those who already seem to be on the right path are the couple made up of the Romagna and the Brianza people. After the end of the ceremony, in fact, the two have to undergo the ritual of the photo shoot and, with extreme naturalness, they kiss in front of the camera. «I immediately felt intimacy and warmth», declares Alberto during the wedding banquet he is delighted to perform as a deejaythe second job after that of osteopath.

Sonia and Alberto. (Real Time)

Between dances and Russian superstitious rites – the nationality of Sonia’s mother – and complicit glances, Sonia and Alberto seem to be the couple with the most chemistry this season. After the end of the celebrations, when they reach the hotel for their wedding night, the girl confides to the authors that he can’t wait to get to know his partner physically too, “but maybe it’s still early”. While he does nothing but repeat in front of the camera how satisfied he is with the wife chosen for him by the three experts.

Juanchi and Gianna

He is a worker from the Dominican Republic, she is a secretary from the province of Venice. Gianna and Juanchi also seem enthusiastic about the choice made for them bythe experts. The wedding is marked by celebration and colours, and after taking off the blindfolds, both shower each other with compliments on their physical appearance.

Juanchi and Valentina in the second episode of “Married at First Sight 8”. (Real Time)

«He has beautiful hazel eyes and was really elegant. Even the detail of the button on the jacket was super», says Gianna while Juanchi declares that she «is really gorgeous and I love her smile».

During the wedding lunch They then discover that they have a common passion for cooking. And when they find out that the destination of their honeymoon is the Dominican Republic, they cannot hide their joy. Especially Juanchi, who hasn’t been to his home country for many years. Everything seems like an idyll but something, between the lines, already seems to be creaking.

Valentina, in fact, already during the photo shoot, seems to want to impose her will (and her somewhat childish whims) on the good Juanchi. Will it be like this during the honeymoon too?