Market values ​​Asia Cup: Upgrades for shooting stars Afif and Al-Naimat

Jordan in focus


Qatar’s Akram Afif (27) and Jordan’s Yazan Al-Naimat (24) particularly stood out at the Asian Cup and are therefore being given new market values. As part of the update following the Asian Championship, the offensive forces of the finalists will rise sharply, for Afif from 4.5 million to 6 million euros and for Al-Naimat from 600,000 euros to 1.8 million euros. Both were on the scoresheet for their countries in Qatar’s 3-1 triumph. Afif scored three times from the spot and became the match winner, while Al-Naimat had equalized in the meantime.

“With Akram Afif and Yazan Al-Naimat, the two absolute shooting stars of this year’s Asian Cup have received the biggest upgrades. Afif is now deservedly the most valuable Asian on the Asian continent and has once again proven his class. It would really be desirable to see him again on the international stage in his prime,” explains Tiberius Radziejewski, Area Manager Asia at Transfermarkt, and continues: “Yazan is even younger and has only been playing in a professional league for around two years. His performance, especially alongside the already internationally renowned Mousa Tamaris, was phenomenal. There were even recent rumors in Jordan about interest from Leverkusen, even if that probably remains just a rumor.”

The surprise team from Jordan has had the most upgrades; in addition to Al-Naimat, Tamari (24), who has increased by 1 million to 7 million euros, also stands out. “Just getting through the group stage was, in a sense, a success for Jordan. Storming into the final with the offensive trio Tamari, Yazan and Ali Olwan (23; from 375,000 to 500,000 euros) was the hero’s journey of the tournament. While most of the top performers are already heading towards the autumn of their careers, the trio are in their prime footballing age and one can only hope that they will soon climb to the next level in their careers and can take a decisive step towards World Cup qualification with Jordan next month.” said Radziejewski.

Two other discoveries of the tournament are Abbosbek Fayzullaev (20) from Uzbekistan and Rustam Yatimov (25) from Tajikistan. Fayzullaev, who is said to be on the list of some European and MLS clubs, climbs from 4 million to 5 million euros, while Yatimov, one of the best goalkeepers in the Asian Cup, after an increase of 300,000 to 1.2 million. Euro is valued, making him the most valuable Tajik since the TM market values ​​were surveyed in 2004.

This is how transfer market market values ​​work

The transfer market market values ​​are created taking into account various pricing models as well as a strong involvement of the transfer market community, which deals with the values ​​in detailed discussions. The transfer market market values ​​cannot generally be equated with the transfer fees actually paid.

The goal is not to predict a price, but rather an expected value. When determining the market value, both individual transfer modalities and situational conditions are relevant to a certain extent. Examples of this are listed here. Transfermarkt does not use an algorithm (for detailed market value definition).

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